About us

Founded in 2019, SENSE is a Malaysia-based tech start-up that specialises in AI- & IoT-powered platforms. Our products aim to improve people's lives and we believe that the biggest impact will come when anyone and everyone can access it – anytime, anywhere. We aim to create a fully interconnected city by connecting the physical and digital worlds to create a seamless experience for everyone.


Our Mission

To INTEGRATE various technology platforms and services to create a unified and seamless experience.
To REINVENT the users’ experience via the use of technology and bring the physical and digital worlds closer together.
To INNOVATE the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our daily lives via technological advancement and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Our Vision

To digitalize people’s lives, whereby users use smart devices to gain access and control to all their needs in a single platform. We also aim to create a smart, secure and safe environment for the future generation via the SENSE platform that will change how we engage and interact daily.

Currently, the team is swiftly and aggressively expanding its core team of techies and creatives, and the young, fun and dynamic team thrives on good food, a positive team spirit and a well-balanced lifestyle. As the team likes to say: everything will make sense... soon.

Meet the team