Indoor Navigation

Imagine how easy it’d be if you had a real-time map of your favorite shops and malls in the palm of your hands. Our SENSE App makes use of AI to figure out the most efficient route and guide you anywhere you need to go.

What's New

Thanks to Proximity Marketing, you’ll get to be one of the first to find out about the latest deals and launches that are taking place around you even as you move around. Click on ‘Happenings’ on the SENSE App to check them out!


Get additional discounts and benefits based on your interests through seasoned use of our SENSE App. Our AI-driven feature will be able to pick up and analyse your shopping behaviour so that you’ll get to enjoy the most exclusive offers and rebates.


Forget about the hassle of walking around in a mall trying to locate a shopping directory – the old-school way. Leave it to our up-to-the-minute system for a tenant list of the mall you’re in and make reservations at your favorite F&B spots instantly.


When planning a gathering with your family and friends, you’ll no longer need separate apps to chat and confirm details with them. Through our Social feature, you can communicate smoothly as well as share photos, activities, locations and menus.

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