Here are a list of our frequently asked questions.If your question hasn't been answered, feel free to contact us directly.

What is this?

An app la, duh.

What does it do?

Now that we’re talking, it’s an indoor navigation app that ultilises AI to enhance your retail shopping experience.

Why are you doing this?

a. So you will not get lost in the mall anymore.

b. So I will not get lost in the mall anymore.

c. Because I keep getting lost in the mall.

d. Because I keep losing sight of my grandmother in the mall.

When can I use the SENSE application?

a. After you’ve downloaded and installed it.

b. If you don’t install the application, you’ll never be able to use it.

If I change or lose my phone, do I need to reinstall the SENSE application again?

Abuden… of course lah. You can use back your same credentials to log in – unless you lose that too.

Is the SENSE application free to use?

Yes – so tell your father, mother, brother, sister, uncles, aunties, cousins, nephews, nieces, neighbours, colleagues, ex-colleagues, partner(s), ex-partner(s), acquaintances and fellow shoppers to download it, okay?

Does SENSE take any commission?

Hello, free application leh. How and where can we get the commission from? Teach us, maybe?

Why can’t I use the SENSE application if I don’t have a smartphone?

a. Well, simply put, it’s a mobile application that’s built for iOS and Android.

b. Because our app doesn’t work on a stupidphone.

How does the SENSE application help with the current COVID-19 pandemic situation?

a. Users will be able to know the traffic of the crowd in a particular area that they wish to visit.

b. To protect you by ensuring that social distancing is practised when you find out about the crowd traffic of a specific area within the mall.

Who is the SENSE application for?

a. People with a bad sense of direction.

b. Everyone with a smartphone – literally. Kindly refer back to FAQ #8.

How does the SENSE application track the location of an individual? Is there a built-in satellite?

a. Walau eh, a satellite is too huge and bulky, and it’ll never be able to fit in a mall!

b. One word: magic.

What is the security feature on the SENSE application? Can I use it to stalk someone’s location without them knowing?

a. Hello – of course not lah. We don’t condone such activity; therefore, we ensure that all users’ location is permissible before providing it to others.

b. Also, our lawyers told us to say no, so NO lo.

How much space does the SENSE application require to be installed?

a. You’ll know once you’ve installed it.

b. Definitely not as much as your OS.

c. That’s for us to know and you to find out.

I’ve forgotten my password. What now?

a. Why don’t you lose yourself as well?

b. That sounds like your problem, not ours.

c. Nah, just kidding. When logging in, just click on the “Forgot password” button to reset your password.

When I register, are my personal details secure?

a. Sibeh secure sia!

b.And our lawyers told us to say yes, so YES.

Why did you not reply to how secure my personal details are?

Because you never asked.

OK so… how secure are my details?


Where can I read the Terms & Conditions and policies after registering?

Terms and Policy

Am I required to register? What if I don’t want to register?

a. Yes, you’re required to register, or else how would you be able to use the application? It’s compulsory, period.

b. Then don’t use the app lo. #FOMO much?

c.Yes. Too bad, sunshine!

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